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Accounting Reconciliation

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Accounting Reconciliation

Account reconciliation guarantees the correctness of the company's financial statements. Get a thorough picture of your company's financial situation. This makes it possible for lenders to assess a company's creditworthiness using accurate balance sheets.  Since it requires a high degree of experience and specialisation, outsourcing is frequently the best choice.No matter whether a company is a small or large one in UAE, the possibility of legal issues is high, as is maintaining the confidentiality of vital data and the possibility of fraud and corruption. In this regard, GAAP Associates provides the best account reconciliation services to eliminate and eradicate these issues.

An efficient account reconciliation process makes sure that two sets of records or the balances of two accounts match. By using the reconciliation process, a business may ensure that the money leaving an account equals the money that is being spent.


Accounting Reconciliation

Advantages of Proper Reconciliation

●    Account reconciliation helps with external auditing by ensuring that accounts in the general ledger are consistent, precise, and comprehensive. This guarantees the integrity and efficiency of the external auditing process.

●    Accuracy of Financial Statements: As we prepare accurate income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flows, reconciliation assures a financial report free of errors.

●    Reconciliation is useful for decision-making since it helps a business understand how it is operating and assists the owner in making decisions that will help       the business grow.

●    Document authenticity in legal matters - Because the papers are prepared by specialists, they are error-free and may be filed with document authenticity in any legal situation.

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Reconciliation

Since most organisations are busy with their core operations, outsourcing has gained popularity. The following are some benefits of using outsourced reconciliation services:

●    Simplifies paying bills

●    Eliminates accounting mistakes

●    Helps identify illegal transactions

●    Helps identify illegal transactions

●    Saves time & money

We, at GAAP Associates, conduct a detailed analysis of your financial transactions and accounting records in order to uncover discrepancies, ensuring better financial prospects for your business. Reconciliation services have been effectively provided to customers in the UAE for many years by our team of exceptional and qualified accountants.


A bank reconciliation report is mandatory for external audits in UAE. Reconciling the accounts helps to determine if accounting adjustments are required.

The wrong transactions that the bank records are known as bank errors. The most frequent bank mistakes are Reference number errors, Account number errors, Invalid or missing bank codes, Duplicate entries, Transaction errors, and Deposit fails.

Reconciliation services include comparing transactions recorded internally with external activities such as Bank Statement Reconciliation, Suppliers Ledger Reconciliation/Vendor Payments Reconciliation, Customers Ledger Reconciliation, and Intercompany reconciliation.

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