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VAT & Corporate Tax

VAT & Corporate Tax

VAT Services in Abu Dhabi

The UAE has executed the VAT (value-added tax) laws and compliance from January 1, 2018. Since the laws are new for firms, it is common for them to face many challenges while complying with corporate tax. With a team of professionals, GAAP Associates delivers vat services for your firms in the Abu Dhabi. Therefore, we suggest saving yourself the stressful work and turning to us.

When it comes to corporate tax, entrepreneurs in the UAE are obligated to register their enterprises under VAT in accordance with Decision (52) of 2017 on the executive regulations of the Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 on VAT. Both businesses operating on the UAE's mainland and in free zones must be tax-registered to be subject to VAT. Be it registering for corporate tax with FTA, VAT consulting, or filing VAT returns, GAAP specialists will lead you through the procedure. Our Corporate tax consultants in Abu Dhabi ensure efficient tax planning for your business, which will help you control the tax outflow and manage the working capital.

Our team ensures that your VAT returns and business reconciliation are completed on time. We acknowledge the significance of the review of VAT records, returns and reconciliation, and thereby avoid any slip-up. Our experts will also provide entrepreneurs with recommendations that will improve their business systems.

VAT Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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