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Freezone Company Formation

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Freezone Company Formation

Freezone Company Setup in Dubai

Individuals and institutions contemplating establishing a new company in the Dubai Free Zone are primarily influenced by the advantages offered by these zones. Various factors play a role in this decision-making process, including the nature and style of the company, the size, flexibility, and accessibility of office space, as well as location and cost considerations. Opting to launch a business in the Dubai free zone is usually a straightforward choice, facilitated by the assistance of Free Zone Company Formation Services in Dubai.

Dubai's government has created numerous free zones, each tailored to specific types of business activities. These zones offer several benefits to non-resident corporations, such as streamlined administration, minimal bureaucracy, and full ownership rights. With approximately 44 free zones spread across Dubai, they have attracted 200,000 businesses from abroad, contributing significantly to GDP growth. While the core requirements remain consistent, each free trade zone has unique objectives, setup costs, and documentation criteria.

Considering establishing a Free Zone company in Dubai? Whether it's processing employee visas, resident visas, investor visas, license renewals, NOC forms, labor cards, immigration cards, or license documentation, GAAP Associates can help. We collaborate closely with government agencies to facilitate the company setup process in the Free Zone.


Advantages of Establishing a Freezone Enterprise in the UAE

There are numerous benefits associated with establishing a business in a UAE free zone. Here's an overview of the key advantages:

  • Companies are relieved from the obligation of paying corporate taxes.
  • Rapid acquisition of investor visas and employment visas for investors and relevant staff.
  • Provision of optimal corporate legal frameworks, enabling full ownership of the business.
  • Neither the enterprise nor its employees are subjected to income taxation.
  • Each free zone is tailored to serve specific industries, providing all essential facilities tailored to the sector.


Different Types of Business Permits

Commercial Permit: A commercial permit enables individuals to engage in import, export, storage, and distribution activities.

Industrial Permit: Businesses seeking to import raw materials must acquire an industrial permit, which authorizes them to manufacture and process specific goods.

Professional Permit: Consulting firms and service providers require professional permits granted by the DED to operate legally.

Consultancy Permit: To provide professional consulting services, obtaining an IFZA consultancy license is necessary.

Service Permit: Companies holding a service permit under their name are authorized to undertake manufacturing, production, and transportation tasks.

General Trading Permit: An IFZA general trading license offers access to various trade opportunities, allowing businesses to engage in trading goods and services through B2B, B2C, and C2B models.

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