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Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services

Corporate Tax Services in Dubai

Businesses should get corporate tax services in Dubai to make sure their operations conform with the recently enacted tax legislation for corporate tax. A direct tax imposed on a business's earnings or net income is called corporate tax. Business profit tax or corporate income tax are other names for corporation tax in the UAE. UAE Corporation Tax is applicable to all commercial and business activity conducted inside all the seven emirates.


Corporate Tax Rate in UAE

Companies operating in the UAE are subject to the tax rules and regulations of the UAE government. Corporate tax services in Dubai help companies ensure compliance with legal standards while navigating this complex new tax landscape.

  • For taxable income up to AED 375,000, corporate tax will be 0%.
  • For taxable income exceeding AED 375,000, corporate tax will be 9%.
  • Tax rates for large multinational firms will vary based on their compliance with specific regulations pertaining to 'Pillar Two' of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project.


Corporate Tax on UAE Free Zone Companies

The favored corporate tax rate of 0% on the total amount of "Qualifying Income" is available to the Free Zone Person who is deemed a Qualifying Free Zone Person.

The following requirements must be fulfilled for a Free Zone Person to be deemed a Qualifying Free Zone Person:

  • Continue to provide enough content in the UAE.
  • Produce Eligible Income
  • The business cannot have chosen to pay corporate tax at the regular rates.
  • Comply with the transfer pricing regulations outlined in the Corporate Tax Law.
  • The Minister may set additional requirements that qualifying Free Zone Persons must fulfill.

If a Qualifying Free Zone Person fails to satisfy any of the conditions mentioned above or elects to be subject to the regular Corporate Tax regime, they will be subject to the standard rates of Corporate Tax from the beginning of the Tax Period in which they failed to satisfy the conditions.


Benefits of Corporate Tax Services in Dubai

Some of the benefits of using corporate tax services in the UAE include:

  • Complying with tax laws and regulations
  • Minimizing tax liability through tax planning
  • Calculating and submitting taxes accurately
  • Avoiding fines for non-compliance
  • Expert guidance on tax-related issues


Additionally, by offering information on the tax ramifications of company transactions, corporate tax services can assist companies in making well-informed decisions. FTA-accepted corporate tax assessment and consultation services are provided by corporate tax consultants in Dubai to assist businesses in becoming ready for corporation tax.

Businesses all around the UAE are getting ready for the June implementation of the UAE Corporate Tax by solidifying their goals and plans and adhering to tax laws. For every tax period, a business must complete and submit a single UAE corporate tax return, together with any necessary supporting schedules, to the FTA.



Corporate Tax Services in UAE

Our company tax consultants are highly qualified and experienced. They will help you implement corporate tax solutions as efficiently as possible. Through the following processes, our corporate tax service helps you file your tax returns, provide full tax support, and successfully apply corporate tax to your firm in line with the tax regime.

  • Examine your financial records, business operations, and other relevant data to ascertain the taxes that your company must pay.
  • Advice on tax-saving methods and chances to reduce your tax bill based on the assessment.
  • Create corporate tax-audited financial reports and submit corporate tax returns, guaranteeing accuracy and adherence to tax laws.
  • Make sure that your company pays the right taxes at the right time.
  • Act as company representative during a tax audit and offer assistance and direction to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • Continuous assistance and guidance on tax-related issues to guarantee that your company complies with tax laws.


Corporate Tax Advisory in Dubai

We customize the corporate tax solutions as per the client's requirements, understanding the fact that each business differs in its strategies, goals, and various other aspects. Our corporate tax consultants in the UAE also assist our valuable clients with corporate tax registration and filing CT returns. We keep you updated on the regulations of the Federal Tax Authority to prevent the payment of corporate tax fines and penalties.


GAAP Associates Corporate Tax Services

Providing high-quality tax services while focusing on the client is a thrift that only a good team can provide. You may rely on GAAP Associates for all your corporate tax requirements to ensure a smooth submission to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Among the services we offer:

Corporate Tax Registration

Corporate Tax De-registration

Corporate Tax Review and Filing

Corporate Tax Refund


If you have any questions about corporate tax services in the UAE, contact us now!!


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