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Internal Audit

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Services in Abu Dhabi

A professional internal audit can identify any weaknesses in internal controls, operational efficiency, or regulatory compliance. Certified internal auditors with an in-depth understanding of internal controls, procedures, and systems carry out internal audit services in Abu Dhabi. Enhancing risk management and adhering to both local and international regulations makes sure the business is headed in the proper direction. This task entails a thorough, unbiased assessment of all the company's financial data.

Having a proper assessment will help management understand the company's current situation and how it will fare in the future. This is a crucial task to perform in a company because it serves as a tool to maintain the enterprise on the right track for growth and development. Internal auditors in Abu Dhabi will also benefit the company by revealing any fraud that is going on within the company.

Why Should a Company Conduct Internal Audits?


Updated standards and criteria would be set for the company which helps set long-term goals and reinvent the future of the business.


Internal Audit Services in Abu Dhabi entails a thorough review of the company's operations and compliance with established rules and regulations. This helps to have a better understanding of the company's present position.

Enhanced Management

An internal auditor can highlight inadequacies in the processes or control procedures in a company. This would place the company in a better position to accomplish its objectives.

Enhancing the Performance of Employees

Staff's performance would increase, as they would be concerned that their mistakes would be identified by the Internal Auditor. Further, this would boost workers' spirits.

Regular Evaluation

Regular internal audits lead to constant performance analysis. As a result, businesses are able to tweak their strategies and make corrections as needed.

Internal Audit

The following are additional benefits of using GAAP's internal audit services:

  • Identifying operational risks and offering remedial measures that are consistent with the organization's beliefs and objectives.

  • The chartered accountants of GAAP Associates provide organizations with valuable assistance in reaching their predetermined goals and objectives by leveraging their expertise in respective subject matters.

  • Finding any errors in the financial statements and informing the appropriate departments.

  • Putting forth innovative suggestions for enhancing routine operational procedures that boost productivity and profit margins.

The internal audit services offered by GAAP Associates across the UAE are designed to identify risks and recommend improvement procedures to ensure your business reaches its goals. Internal audits will provide you with not only the opportunity to identify problems within your company, whether they relate to its functioning, finances, or accounting, but will also provide you with the opportunity to try and rectify them before an external audit is conducted.


Professional internal auditors will handle every aspect of the internal audit project on the client's behalf and provide a polished, standardised internal audit report that will benefit the business in several ways. Apart from improving the operation efficiency, it will help the business in identifying the risks and threats. The organisation can also identify opportunities for improvement with the guidance of a professional internal auditor.

There are five phases to an internal audit: selection, planning, conducting, fieldwork, reporting the results, and following corrective action plans.

Using the internal audit services of GAAP Associates will help you gain a better understanding of your company's internal governance, how the departments work, whether your accounts and financial statements are accurate and error-free, whether you have met targets, whether you have adhered to government guidelines and deadlines, and so on.

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