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Audit Services

Audit Services

Audit services in Dubai

If you are running a business, understanding audit services in Dubai is crucial for the success of your company. Auditing and assurance play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy of financial information and maintaining the overall health of your business.


Objectives of Auditing

  1. Trustworthiness Check: Audits verify the reliability of a company's financial reports.
  2. Internal Controls Evaluation: Assessing the efficiency and capability of the firm's internal controls is an essential part of an audit.
  3. Asset and Liability Verification: Auditors check the accuracy of a company's assets and liabilities.
  4. Legal Compliance: Audits ensure that the company complies with laws and regulations.


Expert Audit Services in Dubai

1. Internal Audit: This involves a thorough review of your financial records by top professionals to identify potential risks and opportunities. You can either assemble an internal auditing team or outsource the process to professional auditors in Dubai.

2. External Audit: External auditing involves assigning an auditor in Dubai to verify your company's fiscal status and operations. It ensures compliance with UAE government laws and regulations. External audits are crucial for maintaining the integrity of accounting records, and investors often rely on them for accurate business information.

3. Statutory Audit: A statutory audit, which is mandated by the country's law, ensures the accuracy and fairness of financial information and protects shareholders. Our audited statutory financial statements accurately represent the company's financial state, following principles and ethical standards.

4. Due Diligence Audit: This audit helps assess your business's financial performance in Dubai, including revenue potential, financial analysis, customer assessment, and organizational competence. Expert audit services provide insight into how well your company can reach its audience, attract customers, and generate revenue.

5. Fraud Investigation Audits: Fraud audits identify and investigate fraudulent activity in a company's financial records. These audits are conducted by internal audit departments or expert audit firms in Dubai, to determine the cause of fraud, who was involved, and how it occurred. Usually, the legal authorities review the reports as part of the overall investigation.

Regularly auditing your financial accounts in Dubai is mandatory for the smooth running of your business. It reduces financial risks, improves the quality of financial statements, and ensures compliance with guidelines and policies.



Audit Services


How can GAAP Associates help you?

To make sure your company complies with all applicable rules, we offer assurance services, internal control assessments, and financial statement audits in Dubai. As one of the best audit firms in Dubai, we make sure to provide premium audit services at a reasonable cost by charging fair prices and customizing our offerings to meet your unique requirements. You can rely on GAAP Associates to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial data.

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