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External Audit

External Audit

External Audit Services in Abu Dhabi

An external audit is a company audit that is carried out by a third party. This third party has no connection to the company in any manner. This will guarantee that the external auditors in Abu Dhabi develops the audit report impartially and under no time constraints.

Stakeholders can be assured that the financial statements of the company are error-free with the assistance of external audits. External auditors are regarded as unbiased experts who can analyse the company's financial condition and operating methods. Having the accounts audited by external audit services improves credibility and lowers the possibility of fraudulent accounting entries. The following is the external audit procedure.

Majority of the internal auditors are appointed by the company itself to have a complete control of the internal systems and to strengthen the risk manangement, whereas external auditors works for an external audit firm and contributes their opinions on the companies financial statements.

External Audit

Procedures of Conducting An External Audit 

  • Appointment of the Auditor

The candidate for the position should be unrelated to the business affairs of the organisation. Depending on several criteria, the audit committee will choose either the individual or the group. The appointment has the support of the board of directors and shareholders. After the appointment, auditors in Abu Dhabi checks to make sure that he/she is working independently before sending a confirmation to the business.

  • Audit Engagement

The auditor and the business draft up a contract. The objectives of the audit, the auditor's independence, the audit fees to be paid, the obligations of each party, and the scope of work covered are a few of the clauses in the contract.

  • Audit Execution

The external auditor's tasks will begin with this. The first step is to create an audit plan, which includes the deadlines for each segment as well as the overall completion date. The auditor thereafter prepares the audit programme ready to be conducted.

  • The Collection of Evidence

This convincing evidence is essential to back up the auditor's assessment while submitting the audit report.

  • Audit Report

This persuasive proof is required to back up the auditor's assessment when presenting the audit report. While it is crucial to make sure that your business is operating by following best practices and that you can meet your goals, it is likewise crucial to make sure that you are complying with all relevant regulations and laws. Every small and large corporate organisation needs external audit services in Abu Dhabi in order to meet the requirements of the government and authorities. The services provided by audit firms are crucial in determining the firm's financial worth and position. At GAAP Associates, our auditors can offer a fair and unbiased assessment of your financial reporting procedure, including your financial reports and records. By using this information, financial records may be made more accurate, effective, and thorough, which will increase the confidence of potential investors.


Internal auditing is a discretionary task carried out by individuals who are employed by the company. External auditing is a required task carried out by a third-party team hired from outside the corporation.

An external auditor assesses a company's compliance with regulations. By having an external auditor on board, shareholders can be assured that the company operates in their best interests. A company's financial status is assessed by an external auditor, who then provides a report, an opinion, and recommendations about the results.

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