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Fraud Investigation Audit

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Fraud Investigation Audit

A forensic audit is a procedure for tracking and examining cases of fraud, financial crimes, and business conflicts which is basically done by Fraud Investigation Auditors in Abu Dhabi. Additionally, it identifies the underlying factors and causes of financial mistakes, alleged employee fraud, decreased corporate revenue, rising costs, and other operational issues.

It is vital how your business adopts fraud risk control policies in light of the rising incidence of fraud. A business must evaluate all frauds that come its way and effectively handle them. Due to rising commercial volatility and competition, some firms veer from the ethical road and engage in dishonesty, criminal activity, misbehaviour, money laundering, etc. Without doing a thorough fraud investigation, investing in companies can cause significant harm to a brand's reputation.

Fraud activity must be treated as a risk. And yet, risks exist for all corporations. Managing risk effectively will give you a better picture of your company's organisational and business risks. A thorough risk appraisal with Forensic Audit Services in Abu Dhabi can enable organisations to think about which risks are there, how they might affect business processes, and how risk control should be prioritised based on management's risk appetite.

Fraud Investigation Audit

Without appropriate fraud risk control techniques, your business is vulnerable to the danger of fraudulent activities. Through our fraud audit services, we assist our clients in improving the sophistication of their audit processes, which aids them in identifying wrongdoing. The detection of fraud in key business processes involves the extension of audit methods to commercial transactions. We will support you in maintaining effective controls within the organisation that establish an ethical standard to identify potentially illegal transactions that would necessitate an investigation. By improving the effectiveness of the reporting systems, management can increase internal monitoring in certain areas, bringing value to your firm. This is determined by a thorough evaluation approach. Companies must use professional fraud examiners to carry out fraud audits in the UAE.

Our team at GAAP Associates have a qualified, professional team of Forensic Auditors to handle all your Forensic Audit Service in Abu Dhabi. Contact us to know more.


A fraud examiner will look over all of the company's records and reports to determine whether any fraudulent activity is occurring there. Fraud investigation auditing services are offered by GAAP Associates for companies to assist in investigating financial fraud using documentary evidence.

An audit's objective is what differentiates it most from a fraud investigation audit. A financial audit verifies the accuracy of the financial records, whereas an investigation audit deals specifically with a problem that the client has identified.

If you observe suspicious activity at your business, you must take immediate action to stop fraud, income loss, and reputational damage. A company may commit fraud without the management being aware of it. This could result in significant losses, inefficient use of resources, and eventual corporate insolvency. This is the reason why a Fraud Investigation Audit Service is crucial for every firm.

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