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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Company Due Diligence is the examination and analysis of a company documents to assess its financial standing with the help of a due diligence auditor in Abu Dhabi. Most of the time, firms use this service when they merge or acquire other companies. The management will be able to use these services to understand the current financial state of the organisation and to identify any issues. The management will then be able to take appropriate action based on the facts and alter the direction of the company.

Due diligence service in Abu Dhabi can be crucial to the success of a transaction in accurately determining the value of possible purchases and investments. To evaluate risks and ascertain a company's considerable value, it is important to take a closer look at operations, quality of earnings concerns, market trends, cultural challenges, and other factors.

Conducting a Due Diligence Audit benefits both the seller and buyer of the company. The firm acquiring the company can ensure that there are no swindles involved and the firm who is selling the company can entrust auction it.

Due Diligence

The following are the key objectives of Company Due Diligence:
  • Verify that the transaction satisfies the investment or acquisition requirements
  • To conduct thorough research into business matters as a prudent businessperson
  • To evaluate the opportunities and risks of a proposed transaction
  • To reduce the possibility of unpleasant outcomes following the transaction
  • To confirm all relevant business-related data
  • To prevent a bad business transaction
  • To establish a relationship of trust between two unaffiliated parties

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Due Diligence is a lengthy process, and there are several types of Due Diligence for management to choose from. The following are the different types of Due Diligence

. ●    Legal Due Diligence Legal Due Diligence involves investigating the rights and obligations of the target company and finding out if there are any legal risks. Intellectual property, employment difficulties, and real estate ownership may be involved.

●    Commercial Due Diligence Commercial Due Diligence involves investigating various commercial factors, such as market conditions, competitor analysis, product or service assessment, and other commercial data desired by the user.

●    Financial Due Diligence

Performing financial Due Diligence entails reviewing historical data, such as trade results, cash flow, and the balance sheet of a company to find out its financial status. It also consists of the review of forecast performance and funding needs. Utilizing Due Diligence audit services can help you avoid risky transactions, spot issues with transactions, determine the true value of a business transaction, analyse the history, assess the risks and opportunities of a proposed transaction, review the history, and more. In order to get the most out of a proposed transaction, GAAP Associates helps our clients conduct all kinds of Due Diligence in the UAE.


As the acronym implies, SIG stands for Standardized Information Gathering questionnaires. SIG is the list of questions to be asked when conducting due diligence. This list is vetted by industry leaders.

It is the primary purpose of Company Due Diligence to determine the value of the company's assets and liabilities. In addition to assessing business risks currently faced by the business, Due Diligence will also assess future threats.

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