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Tax Consulting Services

A reliable and experienced tax consultant can provide you with a better understanding of taxation policies. GAAP Associates is one of the leading tax consultants in Abu Dhabi, UAE, providing tax services to businesses across the country. We assist companies in managing all tax-related tasks, including tax payments and the associated legal difficulties. Our highly qualified tax experts offer customers the best services possible while assisting their businesses in adhering to global tax requirements. Tax preparation, tax analysis, filing tax returns, and paying taxes are all part of the UAE's tax advisory services.

It would be advisable to choose a tax adviser who will inform a company or person about the country's current tax laws. Accounting for taxes is prepared with the aid of tax specialists. Tax consultants not only minimise tax updates with the latest tax policies but will maintain proper bookkeeping that saves you time and money. Besides that, we also increase profitability and decrease costs for your business by using efficient strategies.

The Significance of Tax Consulting Services

In the UAE, paying taxes is a must for all businesses since the revenue made goes toward the nation's development. Tax accounting ensures that businesses and individuals file their tax returns in accordance with the law. A single accounting procedure error might result in a significant loss for the company. As a result, people and businesses should be particularly careful when creating a tax account.

Tax consultants organise and provide vital information for your company. While working with tax returns, we examine every facet of the firm.  Tax consultants can also provide you with updated information on any updates to the tax policy. You can get assistance from tax advisers while completing your income tax returns and audited financial statements. In addition to performing audits, tax consultants can assist you with renewing your business licences and permissions.

Tax Consulting Services

Our Services

For so many years, GAAP Associates has been offering the corporate sector in the UAE comprehensive tax consulting services. We can assist you in managing your company's taxation system more effectively. Based on the nature of the organisation and the demands of the entrepreneur, our specialists resolve tax issues and provide specialised solutions. Our accountants can help you manage your taxes effectively and implement strategies to pay lower taxes. We can support you with the preparation of audited financial statements and tax returns. Our tax accounting services include: 

●    Assistance with tax accounting

●    Preparation of balance sheets following tax principles

●    Tax validation projects' preparation

●    Updating accounting regulations for any changes and implementing new regulations

●    Manages tax risk

●    Filing tax returns


The FTA conducts a tax audit to ensure that all tax bills are paid on time and that the company is in compliance with UAE VAT laws and regulations.  During a tax audit in the UAE, the authorities acquire financial records, such as invoices, and supporting documentation.

A taxable supply is one that is made by a company within the UAE and is subject to tax at a rate of either 5% or 0% in order to determine if a registration obligation exists.

Employing a tax consultant in the UAE may assist your company in (1) examining the taxability of transactions, (2) complying with UAE VAT laws, and (3) providing guidance and support for tax planning.

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