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Mainland Company Set Up

Having a business setup in the UAE mainland allows a company to trade within the local market as well as conduct international business. Companies can trade both domestically and globally thanks to the business establishment in the UAE mainland. It is advisable to work with a business setup expert to complete your company formation process in order to save time and money. GAAP Associates offers comprehensive company formation services in the UAE mainland.

We have extensive expertise in setting up various sorts of companies on the UAE mainland. Our professional and specialised expertise in several facets of mainland company formation complements our broad experience. Our devoted group of lawyers, chartered accountants, consultants, and other professionals put in a lot of effort to make sure that each step along the path to success is flawless.

Mainland Companies in the UAE must abide by government rules and are subject to the legal structure established by the government. Establishing a mainland company in the UAE can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have the necessary alliances or partnerships in place to begin operations right away. At GAAP Associates, we provide comprehensive assistance with all aspects of company incorporation, followed by continuing professional support for clients who need it.

Steps to Incorporate a Mainland Company in the UAE:

1.    Find a local sponsor 

2.    Draft the MOA & AOA

3.    Obtain Approval from DED

4.    Decide company 

5.    Get the company name registered 

6.    Figure out an office space 

7.    Apply for a trade license 

8.    Submit Documents 

9.    Pay License Fee 

10. Obtain license & Start Business Operation 

GAAP Associates facilitates mainland company incorporation for small, medium, and large businesses. We take care of our client's business needs from beginning to end while assisting them with setting up Mainland Companies in the UAE.

Documents required to establish a Mainland Company in the UAE

Individual Shareholder

  • Both individual shareholders and corporate shareholders require different documentation.
  • Passport copies of foreign shareholders, directors, and managers, as well as the Visa page and entry stamp, are required for individual shareholders (when shareholders enter UAE)
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the employer is necessary if the shareholder or manager is on an employment visa for any company in the UAE.
  • National ID card copy of the UAE National Partner


Corporate Shareholder

  • Exact Copy of Articles of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum ( legalized from the UAE Embassy).
  • An objection certificate from the Free Zone/ Offshore Authority if the company is a shareholder in the proposed LLC
  • Original Board Resolution for incorporating the business with a Power of Attorney that has been notarized and authorised by the UAE Embassy.

Mainland Company Set Up

The following guidelines should be taken into consideration before setting up a mainland company in the UAE.

  • You must acquire the following business licences: a business or professional licence
  • The Mainland Company may have a minimum of one director and a maximum number that will be decided by the owners.
  • It is forbidden to use phrases with a religious connotation or specific words like UAE or Dubai.
  • For company formation and the visa process, the shareholders' physical presence is required (at least for one shareholder during the initial approval).
  • Value Added Tax is applied, and annual audits and bookkeeping are required.
  • Companies based in the Mainland will be subject to corporate tax beginning in June 2023; the rate is anticipated to be 9%.
  • The business model could be either B2B or B2C.


From choosing a registered agent to starting company operations, the procedure normally takes one to two weeks to complete.

All licences in the UAE are revocable every year. All resident visas connected to that company will be cancelled if the renewal is not done on time.

A residence visa is required for anyone who wants to remain and work in the UAE. A manager of the firm must have a resident visa in order to hire workers in your organisation.

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