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Freezone Company Setup

Freezone Company Setup

Individuals and institutions considering setting up a brand new company in the UAE Free Zone are firmly swayed by one factor - free zones. Multiple factors can depend on your decision, including your company's nature and style, the size, flexibility, and accessibility of your office space, as well as its location and cost. However, choosing to open a business in the UAE free zone should be a straightforward decision, which can be done with the help of Free Zone Company Formation Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The government of the UAE has established numerous free zones, each of which is intended for a certain kind of business activity. There are many benefits offered by UAE free trade zones for non-resident corporations, such as single-window administration, no bureaucratic red tape, and 100% ownership. There are roughly 44 free zones scattered over the UAE, and they have drawn 200,000 businesses from outside that are contributing to the GDP growth. The fundamental needs are the same, however, the free trade zones have different objectives, setup fees, and documentation requirements.

Are you planning to set up a Free Zone company in the UAE? From processing of Employee visas to Resident Visas, Investor Visas, Licence Renewal Procedures, NOCS Forms concerned authorities, Labour Cards, Immigration Cards, and Licence Documentation, GAAP Associates can help you. We, at GAAP Associates, work closely with Government Agencies and can help you set up the company in the Freezone.

Freezone Company Setup

Benefits of Freezone company setup in UAE

The establishment of a free zone business in the UAE has many advantages. Check out the overall benefits of establishing a business in a free zone.

●    Companies are exempt from paying corporate tax.

●    We can quickly obtain investor visas as well as employment visas for your investors and relevant personnel.

●    We are able to provide you with the greatest corporate legal structure that will enable you to own the entire business.

●    Neither the business nor the employees will be required to pay income tax.

●    The goal of each free zone is to serve a specific industry. All necessary amenities can be found depending on the sector.


Types of Business Licenses
Commercial License:

Your ability to start the import, export, storage and distribution processes is made possible by a commercial license.

Industrial License:

Companies who want to import raw materials in their area must obtain an industrial license. Only those with an industrial license are permitted to manufacture and process a certain number of specific commodities.

Professional License:

Professional licensing concerns are anticipated for consulting firms and service providers. The DED grants licenses to professionals.

Consultancy License:

You need an IFZA consultation licence in order to offer professional expert consulting services.

Service License:

A service license issued under the company's name allows those license holders to perform manufacturing, production, and transportation activities.

General Trading License:

If you own an IFZA general trading licence, you can access a wide range of services and trade opportunities. You can begin trading your goods and services in a B2B, B2C, and C2B business model with a general trade license.


DSOA (Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority) now oversees it.

There are more than 40 multidisciplinary free zones in the UAE.

A free zone company is prohibited from conducting direct business with the UAE market. The only way the free zone company can conduct local business is through local distributors that have been chosen locally.

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