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PRO Services

PRO Services

Although UAE is one of the most business-friendly markets in the world, starting a firm there can be challenging. When forming a corporation in Dubai, there are numerous legal processes, rules, official documents, and paperwork that must be understood. Don't worry! Pro Services in Abu Dhabi would help you out. 

For a firm to be successful in the UAE, a PRO services provider is essential. A PRO serves as a point of contact between your business and the government. A wide range of services, including processing significant government paperwork, legal formalities, and all other documentation, are included in PRO Services in the UAE. These services are necessary for establishing your business.

We, at GAAP Associates, comprehend the marketplace and keep ourselves updated on the ever-evolving procedures and expertise needed to start up and operate a firm. In addition, it is our duty to give our clients reliable information that is tailored to their needs. Our objective is to handle our clients' demands while assuring perfect compliance, knowledge, and transparency regarding all outsourced professional services offered.

What GAAP Associates do?

  • Update trade licences.
  • Process applications for labour visas, as well as visa renewals and cancellations.
  • Translation of official papers.
  • Visa processing for family members and/or spouses
  • Manage and process applications for both a labour card and an immigration card.
  • All conditions for obtaining an Emirates ID.
  • Notarization- Secure any approval from departments, ministries, or other branches of the government.

PRO Services

Benefits of Outsourcing PRO Services

  • Hassle-free: We can help you get rid of problems with documents or for any other reason. This means that in addition to gathering the various documents and delivering them to you, we manage everything pertaining to UAE government departments. As a result, you are not a part of any stage of the process.
  • Save Money: Outsourcing your tasks will let you save more time than performing them yourself. Similarly to that, it helps you avoid the requirement for document processing and clearing. As a result, your company no longer needs an internal HR department.
  • Compliance with law: You don't have to be an expert in UAE labour law to comply with its labour and employment laws. Additionally, you may not be an expert at coordinating, and responding to the country's ever-changing policies and laws. As a result, this lack of participation will decrease the company's output and increase penalties and delays. Outsourcing can help you wipe out this issue.
  • Save Time: Getting approvals and paperwork completed can be difficult and time-consuming. By choosing us, you can avoid these difficulties. Additionally, by working with us, you'll have more time to devote to your company's core operations rather than waiting in line at government offices.


A PRO service provider offers a broad range of legal services to clients. A number of PRO Services are provided in the UAE, including business formation and development, issuing work permits and visas, opening corporate bank accounts, registering and renewing trade licenses, and clearing documentation.

If you outsource your PRO services in Dubai, you will be able to consult directly with a team of dedicated professionals and choose from a range of PRO solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Investing in professional services can help you build a sustainable, transparent company. With our hassle-free business formation process, you can get started with your core business operation right away.

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