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Real Estate Audit

Real Estate Audit

Real Estate Auditors in Abu Dhabi

Being one of the industries with the greatest growth in the United Arab Emirates, real estate refers to property in the form of lands and structures. To operate legally, real estate enterprises must adhere to all regulations. The UAE's RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) mandates an audit of all projects that have been registered with them there. The process of examining a company's finances to make sure all financial accounts are being appropriately preserved and reported is known as a real estate audit, which is carried out by Real Estate Auditors in Abu Dhabi.

All real estate companies and projects registered with RERA are required to have an ESCROW account, and Dubai's regulatory body also undertakes an independent audit to ascertain the project's completion state concerning the status of construction. Developers that have registered with RERA are required to submit an audit report to RERA each year for all completed projects. The regulating body is in charge of creating guidelines for a wide range of real estate-related operations in Dubai.

A real estate audit in UAE ensures that your brokerage and business practices comply with all relevant regulations. Audits concentrate on the firm's financials, transaction management procedures, records, and documents. From a financial perspective, auditing validates all entering and exiting cash during the audit period. Both sales revenue and outside investment revenue are included in this. Additionally, the auditing process verifies that transactions are carried out in conformity with local real estate laws where you conduct business. You have to be able to demonstrate that this is the case, so your record-keeping must be up to par, which can be done deftly by RERA approved auditors in Abu Dhabi.

Real Estate Audit

Remember, real estate audit in Abu Dhabi are crucial to your company's operation. Your broker's licence depends on your brokerage abstaining from legal and financial hazards by adhering to rules. It can be catastrophic if you fail one, but you may be protected from prosecution if you show that you are correcting it. To be audit-compliant, you should take early steps. Getting in touch with GAAP Associates enables you to

  • Analyze rental properties' operations

  • Eliminate your dependency on internal accountants

  • Pay attention to crucial performance metrics, like profit and loss, cash flows, and net worth

  • Prevent mismanagement of finance

  • Make valid tax deduction claims


We, at GAAP Associates, keep track of any amendments to the legal compliance of the RERA department so that any queries regarding real estate audits and compliance can be addressed promptly. We deliver high-quality services with a focus on the needs of the client, analyses all real estate finance issues, and propose transparent accounting solutions.

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