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Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting

The procedure through which a review of the company's financial records is carried out is known as forensic accounting. Following this assessment, the results are subsequently submitted in court. The study of the business involves a wide range of tasks, including financial or company accounting, auditing, and other investigative techniques. Our forensic experts at GAAP Associates provide you with the forensic accounting services, cash flow forecasts, and projection reports you need to ensure your business grows.

Forensic accountant has received training in both the realm of finance and investigative methods. This will enable him to comprehend the financial lingo used by the organisation and subsequently identify any instances of fraud or embezzlement there. Following the investigation, a report with a comprehensive summary of all the accountant's or team of accountants' conclusions will be produced. It is always advisable to choose professional services when it comes to forensic accounting.

Different types of forensic accounting procedures are as follows:

  • Litigation Support Services

By calculating the total damages experienced by each party, the accountant will help settle the dispute without court intervention. The accountant can serve as an expert witness if the disagreement went to court.

  • Investigative or Fact-Finding Services

The accountant will need to comprehend the operations of the organisation and find any instances of fraud or embezzlement.

Forensic Accounting

Different Techniques for Forensic Accounting

Various investigative techniques are used by accountants around the world to find out important details about a business. These are a few of these methods:

  • Background checks are one of the simplest yet most efficient investigative methods. The accountant can learn a lot about a corporation by looking at historical transactions and agreements made with that company through background checks.
  • Another easy yet efficient way to comprehend the nature of the business is to gather information from reliable sources. It should be remembered that only information obtained from reputable and reliable sources should be relied upon since there is no guarantee that the information will be accurate.
  • Going undercover to get information firsthand is one of the trickier investigational techniques. To snoop and trace the target emails, one can go undercover physically or use any available technology.


Forensic Accountants are responsible for preparing financial evidence and presenting it to the legal team.

In forensic accounting, accounting, business, investigation, and expert testimony skills are combined to help resolve disputes for businesses and individuals.

Whenever a financial or business dispute results in losses. Typical cases are personal injury and loss of earnings, breach of contract and contract disputes, consequential loss, fraud and white collar crime, business valuations, etc.

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