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Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Organizations must do a detailed feasibility study to assess their probability of successfully completing projects. Organizations use feasibility studies to pinpoint potential project outcomes—both good and bad—in advance. This is done way before spending any money or time on it.  These are usually performed by Feasibility Study Consultants in Abu Dhabi.

A properly conducted feasibility study may clearly identify any problems that might occur during project implementation and grasp the potential financial, operational, and other organizational implications. After taking into account all the relevant aspects, it decides whether the project will be productive.

You must invest the time and money to employ a qualified organisational consultant if you want a high-quality business feasibility study in the UAE. At GAAP Associates, our organisational consultants have vast backgrounds in feasibility studies and business planning.

You can undertake a professionally structured feasibility study with the assistance of GAAP Associates. This will give you the knowledge you need to convince yourself that the plan is worthwhile. Feasibility studies are useful in determining if a project or investment is worthwhile to pursue and whether it provides a suitable return relative to its risks in the context of investments or projects in general.

Elements of a feasibility study

  • Technical feasibility: This section includes information on how a product or service will be delivered, such as labour, raw materials, transportation, technology requirements, business sites, etc.
  • Financial feasibility: A forecast of the necessary funding, the kind of funding, and estimated P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, etc. This comprises a description of the study's assumptions, sensitivity analysis, and a graphical display of the most important financial facts.
  • Market feasibility: This term refers to the possible customers, competitors, industry, potential future and existing market, and sales projections.
  • Organizational feasibility: Provides an overview of the company's structure and legal structure; this might include information about its founders, their professional background and skills that might be helpful to the company.

Feasibility Studies

What makes a Feasibility Study Essential?

  • It may aid in luring prospects for equity involvement.
  • It offers written proof that the proposal or venture was thoroughly investigated.
  • It provides impartial data to aid in decision-making.
  • It clarifies the project's goals and outlines credible alternatives.
  • It improves the chance of success by addressing and eliminating risks that could have an impact on the project early on.
  • Due to the exploratory nature of the study, it might reveal new business potential.
  • Additionally, it can assist in obtaining funds from banks, investors, lending organisations, and other sources of funding.


We create financial viability assessments that are approved by the majority of renowned banks in the UAE.

A financial feasibility study offers perceptions and comprehension of how a company's financial performance will change over time.

A feasibility study includes a thorough examination of the requirements necessary to carry out the proposed project.

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