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Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

Audit Services in Abu Dhabi

Audit services in Abu Dhabi that can serve as trusted advisors to businesses are crucial in auditing and assurance. Auditing is examining the accuracy of financial statements, while assurance is the process of analyzing and assessing accounting entries. If you are running a business, you should be aware of how important auditing and assurance are to the successful drive of a company.

Objectives of an Audit

  • To check the trustworthiness of a company's financial report.

  • An Audit helps to check the efficiency and capability of the firm’s internal controls.

  • Checking the assets and liabilities of a company and verifying its accuracy.

  • Audit checks whether the company complies with the laws and regulations.

  • Expert Audit Services in Abu Dhabi helps to spot the errors and frauds happening in a company and helps to prevent them.

Various types of Audit Services GAAP Associates Delivers:

Internal Audit

A company's internal audit gives an objective assessment of its financial position as well as a comprehensive insight into how it operates. GAAP Associates carry out expert audit services in Abu Dhabi with top-class professionals in the world that provide a thorough review of the company's financial records and help identify potential risks and opportunities. Normally a company gathers an auditing team to conduct an internal audit or outsources their audit process to professional auditors in Abu Dhabi.

External Audit

The process of external auditing entails assigning an auditor in Abu Dhabi to verify the accuracy of a company's fiscal status and operations. For businesses to stay within UAE government laws and regulations, external audits are essential. The objective of external audits is to ensure the integrity of accounting records. In order to be confident that business data and information are accurate, investors often rely on external audits.

Statutory Audit

An audit mandated by the law of a country is generally referred to as a statutory audit. In statutory audits, the government ensures that all financial information about an organization is accurate and fair, protecting shareholders. Statutory audits must be conducted by professional auditors in Abu Dhabi who understand the principles and ethical standards of the governing bodies. GAAP Associates audit statutory financial statements to ensure they accurately portray the current state of the company's finances.

Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit in Abu Dhabi helps you assess your business's financial performance. This includes a revenue potential assessment, a financial analysis, a customer assessment, and an organizational competence assessment. Due diligence done by an expert audit service in Abu Dhabi provides insight into how well the company is able to meet its intended audience, find potential customers, and generate revenue.

Fraud Investigation Audit

A fraud audit is an examination of a company's financial records that identifies and investigates fraudulent activity. Fraud audits are usually conducted by expert audit services in Abu Dhabi or by the company's internal audit department. Performing a forensic investigation can help determine the cause of fraud. You can find out who committed the fraud and who was complicit, as well as how it was committed. In most cases, such a report would be reviewed by the police or legal authorities as part of the investigation of the overall case.

For the smooth running of a business in the UAE, it is mandatory to audit your financial accounts regularly. It helps you reduce financial risks or mistakes and improves the quality and transparency of your company’s financial statements. The primary motive of assurance is not just the correction of issues specified in the financial records but also determining the appropriateness of the data according to accounting standards and principles.

Therefore, auditors in Abu Dhabi efficiently conduct audits to ensure operational efficiency and accuracy in financial records. The proactive audit service at GAAP ensures your business follows the guidelines, rules, and policies. We also confirm that your financial reports are kept accurate, proposed relatively, and organized deliberately. We play a constructive role in society by bringing value to our clients and providing critical insights into the operations of the company.

Audit Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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